Corporate Social Responsibility

Growing the future together
As Hazera we are committed to contribute to a healthy future for our partners and local communities. Because every seed is a potential building block that can help people and communities thrive. It’s about doing the right thing in everything we do. With our mission ‘Growing the future together’ we carry out activities that contribute to a better living environment in the broadest sense of the word.

To ensure that the world remains liveable for humans and animals, it is important to reduce climate change, pollution and the overuse of natural resources. We reduce the ecological footprint in various ways in our business processes.

Agriculture development
We involve the future generation in arable farming and horticulture. One of the things we have developed within is a teaching package ‘The future farmer’. Children learn through a game about arable farming, the technology involved and its importance. We are also looking for cooperation with agricultural schools. Through knowledge exchange and training, we prepare future generations for the challenges they face in arable farming.

Living environment
The quality of life in many neighborhoods and districts is under pressure. By contributing to initiatives in our immediate environment, we can improve our living environment together. This can have a major effect on an entire community. With the initiative ‘the Roseland project’, for example, we contribute to education and food production for children’s meals. This also creates employment. And the sale of harvest generates income. The project thus makes a positive contribution to the entire community and people learn to become self-sufficient. It connects us. Together we contribute to an important, positive impact on society.